Youth Rising Launches Soccer League

Youth Rising International has officially launched the 2021 Youth Rising Soccer League (YRSL 2021). Speaking at the launch of the league, Saul Katumwa, the League President unveiled the six inaugural clubs that will be participating in the league this year.

The teams are shown in the league table below:

YR Soccer League 2021


Saul also laid out the ground rules for the league and the team captains and managers signed to the league agreement that binds everyone to following those rules and regulations.

League Opener

Salaama FC Vs Bunankanda FC | Date: 30th October 2021 | Kickoff: 4.30 PM | Venue: Salaama Sports Complex

Youth Rising Sports League kicks off this weekend on October 30th at Salaama Sports Complex. Salaama FC will be hosting Bunankanda FC in the opening game of the league and there is a lot of anticipation for a showdown in this game. This is because the two teams have dominated all soccer events in the past 5 years, with Bunankanda FC claiming most of the league titles.

We spoke with Salaama FC team and the captain warned Bunankanda FC to “ forget about the CUP”, threatening them that they wont even come close to winning the league trophy. He said “we have fantastic players that have been training the past 3 months ever since we learnt about the league. We are coming with class to finish off any team that gets into our way, and Bunankanda FC is not an exception”.


Last Meetings:

Bunankanda FC and Salaama FC reached the finals of 2020 Local tournament and Salaama FC emerged winners.


Bunankanda FC starts the game with one of their attacking forwards:

Current Team
Bunankanda FC
YR Soccer League



Local analysts and local supporters weighed in onto this game and they think Salaama FC needs to prepare and work harder if they are to top the season.

Ever since the league was announced, teams have been training harder, organizing their players and refining tactics. No team will be easy to beat – Local Soccer Analyst.



Salaama FC’s starting 11 will also be featuring Tony Luzindana.

Current Team
Salaama FC
YR Soccer League



Away from Bunankanda and Salaama FC, Terere FC clearly expressed its intentions on how they are preparing for the league. Speaking to players, they see this league as an opportunity to revenge on Piida FC that defeated them in their last encounter where Piida FC defeated Terere 7-0.

Interacting with local league fans, they mention that they really like the organization of the league and the rules that have been set to guide the games. Ronald, one of local supporters of Terere FC strongly backed the rules and he believes it will preserve the integrity of the game especially among Terere Community.

Terere FC has not been kin on following soccer rules and in some cases, games ended up in chaos this past season. Now that the teams know that they are penalties, including suspension from the league, I am optimistic that there is going to be a high level of restraint and respect during games. – Ronald said.



DateTimeLeagueSeasonFull Time
October 30, 20214:30 pmYR Soccer League202190'


Salaama Sports Center


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Salaama FC11Loss
Bunankanda FC112Win

Salaama FC

1Bosco Mutabazi Goalkeeper
3Joshua Mwesigwa Defender
4Fenekansi Kajubi Defender
4Cedric Kasule Defender
5Emma Sserugo Defender
6Brian Ssepuuya Midfielder
7Jackson Wasswa Forward
7Stuart Masembe Forward
10Tony Luzindana Forward
10Rogers Muwanguzi Forward
11Martin Nakeri Forward

Bunankanda FC

1Andrew Lubanga Goalkeeper
4Edrine Seruwo Defender
5Jonah Kisukwe Forward
6Muzahamu Bogere Midfielder
7Swaibu Abdul Rahim Forward
8Suudi Kisukwe Midfielder
11Emmanuel Muzimbo Forward
11Jonathan Jagwe Forward
17Bakali Ssemwogerere Forward
18Charles Carlos Kanakulya Midfielder
20Joseph Sserubuzi Goalkeeper

League Participation

The League has attracted 113 players (boys) between ages 14 – 20, registered in their respective clubs, and it will attract over 15 match officials, a match commentator and a sports analyst. Overall, Youth Rising Soccer League plans on reaching over 150 youth this season.


There are so many prizes that are up for grabs. The Soccer League will crown the winner with a trophy, medals and a gift prizes.

Prizes in Detail

1. Teams
  • Winner: Trophy | UGX 300,000 Prize | Player Medals
  • 2nd Place: UGX 100,000 | Player Medals
  • 3rd Place: UGX 50,000
  • All Teams: UGX 10,000
2. Players
  • Man of The Match: UGX 5000 Prize at every game
  • Player of the League: UGX 20,000
  • Top Scorer (Golden Boot): UGX 20,000
3. Management
  • Best Coach: UGX 20,000
  • Best Team Manager: UGX 20,000

Future of The League

The League President mentioned that there is planned expansion of the league next year to include more teams and and increase the cash prize. There are also plans to establish leagues in other games including board games. He finalized by informing the teams that there will be regular updates from all league matches, shared here on YRSL dedicated website.

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